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Why Steel?

Steel can be machined accurately through continuous steel and stays the same length and width once it is cut. It is weatherproof; pervious to water and UV radiation. Steel frames can be stacked in the open before use, and need no drying time or adjustment. 

The Process is Simple!

Computer controlled roll former use steel coil to create pre-designed panels in order to provide:

  • No measuring or cutting; It is auto cut, punched and notched

    • Each part is cut to length, pre-punched for riveting, squashed flat for insertion joints, notched for overlapping joints, and punched with service holes for electrical wiring and plumbing

    • Frame assembly is relatively unskilled work 

  • Lightweight and pre-made - it's easy, provides a quality structure with strength, accuracy and dimensional stability

View the videos below for a look at the capabilities of our revolutionary technology.

Check out the roll former machine in operation below!


Light Weight

Made of galvanized light gauge steel—yet so strong it can withstand the severest of earthquakes. Galvanization of high strength steel gives the structure a service life typically greater than 75 years!

On Demand Service

Any Cad or design can be transformed into a lightweight steel structure in a matter of minutes, utilising software to programme the Roll Former. Provides on demand, custom made, and cost effective production with steel frames that are easy and lightweight for lifting and carrying. 

Fully Insulated & Fire Resistant

Keeps you warm in freezing winter, and cool in hot summer with low utility bills.

Vast Array of Uses

The core technology is used in applications such as residential buildings, small commercial buildings, and dry walling in apartments, offices, hotels, and shopping malls. 

Mistake-Free Services

When fabricating frames, no special jigs, drills, saws, tape measures, etc. are required. This eliminates the possibility of mistakes. Frames are fabricated quickly, with drill holes lining up exactly with the correct panel positions, which can be verified through system generated plans. 

Pre-Engineered Drywall

Our Pre-Engineered Drywall has numerous benefits over traditional block masonry drywalling, including weight, required time, and installation ease. 

Price Competitive

Offers lower life cycle cost. 

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